Category Overview – Mirrorless Camera Kits

FAQ About Mirrorless Camera Kits Mirrorless camera kits offer a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to upgrade their gear, change systems, or add a second camera to their arsenal. So whether you’re a professional shooter or amateur enthusiast, a mirrorless camera kit can give you what you need to get …

Getting oriented

I was pretty proud of myself this past Tuesday. It was my first paid job as a photographer. Thanks to Mitch and Matt for being too busy to take the job and passing along my name. And while it wasn’t exactly photojournalism, it was nice to use the photography skills …

No Prorogue Rally

Here is another article that I wrote for the Runner. It’s about the Vancouver No Prorogue protest rally and the Kwantlen connection to the rally. The Runner also used two of my photos for my article. The Runner used another one of my photos for an article about prorogation.

Second-class Citizens

I created this audio slideshow during my journalism school days. It is a profile of Frank Wong, a Chinese-Canadian veteran. Frank talks about the challenges he faced during the Exclusion Era and the contribution he made to Canada as a member of the armed forces during World War II.

Critical Mass

My colleague Matt Law and I made this video for the final project for our multimedia class. The video is about the Critical Mass bike ride in Vancouver. It was published online at, the online version of the Georgia Straight.