Product Description – Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Power Pack


Convenience and versatility combine to power your devices when you’re beyond the tangles of the urban jungle. Goal Zero’s Sherpa 50 has ports that let you directly charge USB devices, laptops, and anything requiring 12V DC. This lightweight power pack has a 58Wh capacity and can be recharged with a wall charger, car charger, or compatible solar panel.

More Information

It’s definitely not roughing it, but at least you’ve finally gotten away from the noise of the urban jungle. And while you’re looking forward to unplugging, you do actually need to stay connected. After all, you are the responsible one. The problem is, all of your tech needs to be recharged at some point. And until Smart trees with charging stations become a thing, you’re going to need a battery. Lucky for you there’s the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 power pack.

From your smartphone and laptop to your electric cooler and lantern, the Sherpa 50 can charge and power them all. A dedicated laptop port allows you to charge your laptop directly from the power pack; and the 12V DC port with car adapter keeps your cooler powered so your bevvies stay cold and your hotdogs fresh. And if the Sherpa 50 runs out of juice, simply hook up a Goal Zero solar panel and charge it up.

What you need to know:

  • Direct charging: The Sherpa 50 has 3 ways to charge your devices: USB port, laptop port, and optional U.S. (sold separately) or international AC inverter (not included). The USB port has a 5V output up to 1.5A (7.5W max), regulated. The 7.4mm laptop port has a 19V output up to 5A (100W max), regulated. The U.S. AC inverter (not included) has a 110V output up to 0.7A (75W max), 60Hz, modified sine wave. The optional international AC inverter (not included) has a 220V output up to 0.35A (75W max), 50Hz, modified sine wave.
  • Charges most devices: This power pack can charge USB and 12V devices with low to medium power needs, including smartphones, action cameras, headlamps, handheld GPS units, DSLR cameras, tablets, laptops, and more. Charging a device with the Sherpa 50 takes the same amount of time to charge as it does from the wall.
  • Dedicated laptop port: A dedicated laptop port with cable and assorted connectors lets you charge your system directly from the Sherpa 50. No need to lug your laptop adapter and cables.
  • Battery capacity: This battery has a capacity of 58Wh (11V, 5,200mAh), offering lots of power for charging a variety of devices. A headlamp uses 4Wh for up to 12 charges; a smartphone uses 5 to 7Wh for up to 7 charges; a GoPro uses 5Wh for up to 9 charges; a digital camera uses 8Wh for up to 5 charges; a tablet uses 25 to 42Wh for 1 to 2 charges; and a laptop uses 50Wh for a single charge.
  • Powering the power pack: Charge the Sherpa 50 in 3 hours using the wall charger or car charger.
  • Store the sun for later: You can also use a Goal Zero solar panel to charge the Sherpa 50, but charging times will vary: Nomad 13, 8 to 16 hours; Nomad 20, 6 to 12 hours; Boulder 15, 8 to 16 hours; and Boulder 30, 4 to 8 hours (each sold separately).
  • Portable design: Compact and weighing only 0.54kg (1.2lb.), the Sherpa 50 can go with you anywhere.
  • Charge in the dark: A built-in LED light on the front makes it easy to charge your devices when it gets dark.
  • More power: The Sherpa 50 can be chained together with another Sherpa 50 power pack (sold separately), allowing your devices to charge faster.
  • Input indicators: Blue light ring on the input port lets you know that you know the Sherpa 50 is getting power, and the LCD display shows the charging status of the battery pack.